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 Open Source Projects supporting IFC

Open Source BIM Server, The pioneer in open source: is fully based on IFC and is the first dedicated bimserver on the market. Currently used by thousands of users and proven to be enterprise stable.

BIM Surfer, an open source WebGL viewer for IFC in the webbrowser

IfcOpenShell is a free open source IFC geometry engine based on OpenCascade Technology. Besides the library itself, it features an importer for Autodesk 3ds Max, an importer for Blender and a stand-alone application to convert into the Wavefront .OBJ file format.

IfcPlusPlus is a an open source C++ class model. It can be used as starting point for all kinds of applications around the open building model standard IFC. Additionally, there's a simple IFC viewer application, using Qt and OpenSceneGraph.

FreeCAD is an Open Source parametric 3D CAD modeler based on OpenCascade Technology. FreeCAD has an simple bulit in importer for ifc. By the use of IfcOpenShell is is possible to import any ifc-geometry which is recognised by IfcOpenShell. There is a developmentversion which even supports export of ifc using a developmentversion of IfcOpenShell.